Adobe Captivate 9
Level 2: Advanced Techniques

At Digital Training & Designs, we provide you with the right training solutions to help you learn Adobe Captivate 9 for creating demonstrations and simulations. Check our schedule for class dates and prices for Instructor-led Captivate training in Dallas Texas or call us for private training at your site.

This Captivate training course in Dallas Texas takes you through the development process of building software demonstrations and interactive simulations using Adobe Captivate 9. During class, you will learn more advanced features of Captivate 9 such as: Branching, Theme Creation, Variables, Advanced Actions, and Responsive Design for mobile delivery.

Topics covered in this two-day class are:


  • Branching Decisions: Aggregator vs Internal
  • Duplicating Slides to Change State
  • Branching for Advanced Navigation

TOC and Aggregator

  • Table of Contents Options
  • TOC Customization
  • Aggregating Multiple Projects
  • Publishing


  • Variable Types
  • Implementing Variables
  • Displaying Variable values to Users

Advanced Actions

  • Captivate Scripting Essentials
  • Conditional Statements
  • Saving as Shared Actions

Smart Shapes

    • Smart Shapes vs. Buttons
    • Smart Shape Advantages
    • Creating States
    • Smart Shapes as Caption Alternatives

Widgets / Interactions

  • Defining Widgets
  • Using Widgets
  • Widget Settings

Drag and Drop Interactions

    • Drag and Drop Wizard
    • Customizing Drag Behavior
    • Modifying Drop Targets

Responsive Design

  • Overview
  • Device Breakpoints
  • Responsive Hierarchy
  • Current Limitations
  • Responsive Themes
  • Responsive Quizzes

Responsive Position & Size

  • Absolute vs. Relative
  • Using the Positioning Panel
  • Linking Objects
  • Object Sizing: Percentage or Pixels

Responsive Previews

  • HTML5 in Browser
  • Introducing Edge Inspect
  • Configuring Edge Inspect

Responsive Gestures

  • Supported Gestures
  • Enabling Gestures
  • Creating a Gesture-based Project


  • Themes Explained
  • Master Slide Relationship
  • Creating a Theme
  • Saving and Sharing Themes