Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5:

We offer both the Final Cut Pro X 101 and 300 class.

Final Cut Pro X 101 – Introduction to Final Cut Pro X, is a 3-day course that focuses primarily on the editing aspects of FCP X. It is designed for editors of any experience level. Final Cut Pro X is a very modern way of dealing with files and editing and learning it from the ground up will make sure you get the most from the program. Our class focuses on workflow and productivity. The 101 class covers acquiring media, organizing using keywords and metadata, editing techniques, basic audio, titles, transitions, generators and themes, modifying motion properties including the Ken Burns effect, working with keyframes, speed effects, and filters and of course, output. The class closely follows the Apple official curriculum, but is supplemented with additional material and exercises.

Complete outline here – Final Cut Pro X: 101

Final Cut Pro X – Advanced Editing, is a 2-day class for students who are already familiar with Final Cut Pro and want to extend their editing and effects toolkit. The class covers advanced metadata, compound clips and auditions, advanced editing techniques, multi-camera editing, advanced color correction and filters, and final output including working with Compressor.

Complete outline here – Final Cut Pro X: 300 Advanced Editing

Motion 5 101, is a 3-day class that introduces Motion's unique interface and animation paradigm. It covers compositing, using layers and groups, animating with behaviors and keyframes, using filters, generators, and built-in content, text effects and more.

Complete outline here – Motion 101.