Adobe FrameMaker
Structured FrameMaker

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This two-day introduction to structured FrameMaker will expose you to the basics of structured authoring. You will learn how to work with and create structured documents, templates, and books in this Dallas, Texas course. Using the specialized FrameMaker interface, you will create documents using the Element Catalog, the Structure View, and the Attributes Editor. Formatting documents and EDD creation are central concepts and will be covered in detail.

Topics covered in this two-day class are:

Structured FrameMaker Introduction

  • Analyzing the differences between structured and unstructured documents
  • Navigating the structured FrameMaker interface
  • Validating a structured document

Elements and Attributes

  • Understanding elements
  • Manipulating elements and content in the document window and structured view window
  • Displaying and entering element attributes
  • Adding metadata to your documents

Structured Templates and Documents

  • Creating new structured documents from structured templates
  • Overriding format rules
  • Working with a structured application
  • Using the element catalog for guided authoring

Structured Templates

  • Understanding the difference between a DTD and EDD
  • Creating and importing an EDD
  • Creating format rules for paragraphs and text ranges
  • Building contextual format rules
  • Creating format rules for automatically generating paragraph numbers

Books from Structured Documents

  • Building a structured book
  • Generating a table of contents
  • Paginating book components

Structured Applications

  • Compiling the necessary components
  • Understanding read/write rules