Adobe Dreamweaver
Level 2: Designing Web Sites with CSS

Our CSS training provides you with the right training solutions to help you learn CSS for creating web pages. Check our schedule for class dates and prices for CSS training in Dallas, Texas or call us for private training at your site.

This course in Dallas, Texas, will be introduce the concepts, techniques, properties, and values of CSS in a sequence that reflects a typical “building up” of design rules. You will begin with colors, since in many cases the colors used for a site project are dictated by the organization's existing color scheme. Color is also the simplest part of CSS, so it's a great place to start.

Then you will learn how to control typography using text and font properties. Next, you'll explore the layout-oriented styles of CSS, including margins, padding, and absolute and relative positioning. Once you have established your layout, you can apply the finishing touches on your design, which might include customizing links, and forms, creating alternate style sheets, and other techniques.

Topics covered in this two-day class are:

Style Sheet Basics

  • Creating an embedded style sheet
  • Creating and applying a linked style sheet
  • Understanding the cascade of styles and  specificity of rules
  • Importing style sheets

Types of Style Rules

  • Creating tag-based styles
  • Creating class styles
  • Creating ID styles
  • Creating contextual styles
  • Creating inline styles

Typographical Control

  • Applying color to text and backgrounds
  • Modifying the font face, weight, style, and case of text

The CSS Box Model

  • Controlling margins and padding
  • Creating borders
  • Controlling element dimensions
  • Creating floating elements
  • Controlling content overflow
  • Solving styling problems via Inspect mode and the CSS panel Enable/Disable feature

Content Positioning Options

  • Controlling layout with static positioning
  • Controlling layout with absolute positioning
  • Controlling layout with relative positioning
  • Controlling the display of layered elements

Other CSS Options

  • Customizing link styles
  • Customizing forms
  • Display and manipulate background images
  • Customizing lists
  • Creating a print style sheet