Adobe Captivate 9
Level 1: Mastering the Essentials

At Digital Training & Designs, we provide you with the right training solutions to help you learn Adobe Captivate for creating demonstrations and simulations. Check our schedule for class dates and prices for Instructor-led Captivate training in Dallas Texas or call us for private training at your site.

This introductory Dallas Captivate training course takes you through the development process of building software demonstrations and interactive simulations using Adobe Captivate 9. During class, you will learn by recording and updating several projects, Importing existing Powerpoint slides and inserting quiz questions into a Captivate projects.

Topics covered in this three-day class are:

Project Planning

  • Target Audience Connection Speeds
  • Target Audience – Monitor Resolution
  • Flash Player Penetration
  • Creating Storyboards
  • Interface Basics

Recording Essentials

  • Grabbing Still Images
  • Using Full Motion Recording & When
  • Manual Recording A Demonstration

Recording a Demonstration

  • Using Manual Recording Mode
  • Hotkey Controls
  • Previewing your Project
  • Using Automatic Recording Mode
  • Preview and Note differences

Project Editing

  • Inserting Blank slides
  • Creating Slide Labels & Why
  • Reordering Slides
  • Defining & Modifying Highlight Boxes
  • Setting Mouse and pointer options

Text Captions

  • Objects in the timeline
  • Caption Types vs Styles
  • Using Transparency

Object Styles

  • Setting Attributes
  • Defining New Styles
  • Applying Object Styles
  • Global and Local Edits

Timeline Essentials

  • Object layering/reordering/stacking order
  • Controlling Timings (birth and duration)
  • End Marker and Anchors

Importing Images

  • Scaling Images
  • Managing the Library
  • Understanding Library Controls
  • Drag and drop onto Canvas vs. Filmstrip
  • Merge into Background
  • RoundTrip Image Editing
  • Background Trade-outs
  • Internal Image Editing Options

Creating Simulations

  • Difference of Training vs Assessment Simulations
  • Recording Settings
  • Capturing the Mouse & Shortcut Keys
  • Click Boxes – an invisible button

Simulation Editing

  • Editing Captions - apply to all?
  • Success Captions and Why you don’t need them
  • Click Boxes Options

The Captivate Actions List

  • Available Options
  • Slide Jumping
  • Linking to Websites
  • Linking to Files
  • Absolute and Relative Paths

Importing Powerpoint Projects

  • Selection and Placement
  • What’s Importable
  • Pixels and Inches
  • Navigation Settings
  • Dynamic Linking
  • Editing Powerpoint within Captivate


  • Three Button types explained
  • Custom File naming conventions: _up, _over, _down
  • Button vs Click Boxes

Video Demos

  • Strengths and Use Cases
  • Editing Options
  • Effects & Transitions
  • Output Options

Publish Settings

  • Movie Preferences
  • Loading screens
  • Skin Removal and Borders
  • Setting Skin Controls
  • Project Info


  • Stream vs Progressive download
  • Supported Formats
  • Inserting Video / skins
  • Pausing Project for Video Completion
  • Encoding Video using Adobe Media Encoder CS6
  • HTML5 Video Considerations


  • Recording Narration
  • Importing Audio
  • Editing Audio – silence /volume levels
  • Background Audio
  • Advanced Audio Management
  • Encoding Settings
  • Creating Closed Captions
  • Text-to-Speech Agents


  • SWF or HTML5
  • Additional Supporting Files
  • Publishing as a PDF
  • Publishing as an AVI

Mobile Publishing

  • HTML5 and Tablets
  • Limitations Output
  • Directory Structure


  • Types of Available Questions
  • Editing the Captions & Buttons
  • Review Areas
  • Displaying Progress Indicators
  • Importing GIFT Format

Random Quizzes

  • Architecting Pools - Embedded vs Standalone
  • Building Question Pools
  • Creating a Random Quiz
  • Publishing and Dependent files

LMS Reporting Overview

  • LMS Standards
  • Settings
  • Tracking Options

Master Slides

  • Relationship to Themes
  • Master Slide Basics