Adobe FrameMaker
FrameMaker Fundamentals

At Digital Training & Designs, we provide you with the right training solutions to help you learn Adobe FrameMaker for creating documents and books. Check our schedule for class dates and prices for Adobe FrameMaker training in Dallas, Texas or call us for private training at your site.

This course is designed for people who need to create FrameMaker documents, use templates, and create templates. It is the foundation course for creating and formatting individual chapters in a book. Whether you are a beginner or have been using FrameMaker for years but have never had formal training, this class is designed to help you create documents using the most productive methods.

FrameMaker is offered on Windows platforms only.


Topics covered in this four-day class are:

Page Text

  • Editing and formatting text
  • Applying and modifying paragraph and character formats
  • Creating paragraph and character formats
  • Searching for and changing text and formats
  • Using FrameMaker templates
  • Importing text
  • Using and formatting footnotes in text
  • Using and properly setting tabs
  • Autonumbering document sections
  • Applying side heads, run-in heads, and straddles
  • Flowing content
  • Using color

Image Content

  • Adding illustrations to a document in an anchored frame
  • Using anchored frames for specialized callouts and drop caps
  • Adding illustrations to a document in an unanchored frame
  • Running text around images

Master Pages

  • Adding content to a master page
  • Applying and creating master pages
  • Using variables for page numbers
  • Changing the basic layout of a document (on master pages)
  • Using variables for running headers and footers and repeated document information
  • Working with reference pages and referenced art
  • Designing custom pages


  • Creating tables
  • Understanding table formats, row formats, and table variables
  • Customizing table formats
  • Formatting text in table cells

Books and long documents:

  • Creating document templates
  • Generating and formatting a table of contents
  • Altering the TOC Reference page
  • Generating and formatting an index
  • Altering the Index Reference page
  • Creating book files to manage books with multiple files
  • Controlling the setup for files in a book
  • Reformatting across an entire book
  • Creating templates for documents, TOCs, and indexes
  • Creating conditional documents
  • Using cross-references and text insets