Adobe Illustrator
Level 1: Mastering the Essentials

We provide you with the right solution to help you understand and use Adobe Illustrator to create your own spectacular logos, line art, and comps. Check our schedule for class dates and prices for Adobe Illustrator training in Dallas, Texas or call us for private training at your site.

Whether you enroll in our public classes, or have us create private training for your entire staff, we will help you learn to create art in a productive and efficient manner.

This course focuses on the fundamentals of using Illustrator's diverse tools, creating complex shapes from simple ones. In this class you will spend the three days creating many different and complex objects.

This class is offered on both Mac and Windows platforms. Indicate your preference when you register.

Topics covered in this three-day class are:


  • Exploring Panels
  • Navigating the Document
  • Understanding the Artboard and Pasteboard
  • Creating Multiple Artboards
  • Managing Document Windows


  • Printing Documents
  • Saving Documents
  • Setting Up Documents
  • Using Bleeds
  • Investigating Outline View
  • Organizing Layouts With Ruler and Guides
  • Managing Complex Documents With Layers
  • Vector vs Raster and Understanding the Proper Use of Each


  • Differentiating Between the Selection Tools
  • Selecting Multiple Objects
  • Grouping and Un-grouping Objects
  • Using the Isolation Group Mode vs Using the Group Select Tool
  • Duplicating vs Coping and Pasting

Shapes and Lines

  • Utilizing the Various Shape and Line Tools
  • Editing Shapes while Drawing Them
  • Filling and Stroking Objects
  • Aligning Objects
  • Cutting Up Shapes and Lines
  • Sizing and Rotating Objects
  • Adding and Deleting Anchor Points
  • Discovering the Pen Tool
  • Eliminating Points
  • Drawing With the Pencil Tool
  • Setting Stacking Order of Objects
  • Using Shape Builder Tool


  • Exploring the Color Panel
  • Working With the Swatches
  • Importing Pantone Colors
  • Creating Gradients
  • Color Libraries
  • Adobe Capture App


  • Pathfinder Panel
  • Pathfinders vs Shape Modes
  • Compare against Shape Builder
  • Pathfinder Effects

Transform Tools

  • Tool Modifiers
  • Dialog Window Additional Features
  • Transformation Anchor Point


  • Importing Images
  • Linked vs Embedded
  • Links Panel
  • Image Trace Basics


  • Understanding the Impact of Selections Methods
  • Exploring the Appearance Panel
  • Using the Effects Menu
  • Seeing the Close Relationship Between the Layers and Appearance Panels


  • Understanding When to Use Point Text or Area Text
  • Linking Text Blocks
  • Using Typekit Fonts
  • Wrapping Text Around Objects
  • Fitting Type to Paths