Adobe Premiere Pro
Level 2: Advanced Production Techniques

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This hands on course is designed for those who want to learn how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This class covers all the topics required to edit video – from acquisition to export. Even those who have been editing with Premiere Pro for some time benefit from this class due to its inclusion of many real-world editing tips and techniques. If your editing techniques consist of dragging to the timeline and using the razorblade tool, this class if for you.

Premiere is offered on both Mac and Windows platforms. Indicate your preference when you register.

Topics covered in this two-day class are:

Before you edit

  • Setting up media outside of Premiere Pro
  • Import Strategies
  • Project Setup
  • Using Prelude to transcode video

Editing Techniques

  • Timeline basics overview
  • Editing shortcuts in the timeline
  • Advanced timeline editing
  • Fast Editing techniques
  • Advanced editing workflows
  • Multi-camera editing

Advanced Audio

  • Using Gain and Levels
  • Clip vs. Timeline audio mixer
  • Submixes
  • Using Audition

Compositing and effects

  • Using keyframes to animate effects
  • Keying and compositing
  • Understanding and using Adjustment layers

Color Correction

  • Understanding the goals of color correction
  • Color Correction interface setup
  • Fast Color Corrector vs. Three-way Color Corrector
  • Fundamental Color Correction effects
  • Advanced Color Correction effects – secondary corrections
  • Using Looks

Exporting Strategies

  • Understanding different video formats and Codecs
  • Using the Export Media Dialog box
  • Understanding H.264 and MPEG-4
  • Mastering Presets and creating custom presets
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder

Workflow Management

  • Backing up and protecting assets
  • Exporting media
  • Archiving a project using the Project Manager