Adobe Premiere Pro
Level 1: Editing Techniques

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This hands on course is designed for those who want to learn how to edit using Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This class covers all the topics required to edit video – from acquisition to export. Even those who have been editing with Premiere Pro for some time benefit from this class due to its inclusion of many real-world editing tips and techniques. If your editing techniques consist of dragging to the timeline and using the razorblade tool, this class if for you.

Premiere is offered on both Mac and Windows platforms. Indicate your preference when you register.

Topics covered in this three-day class are:

Video Fundamentals

  • Understanding Interlaced and Progressive scan
  • Comparing Video Color Space to RGB
  • Understanding Pixel Aspect Ratios
  • Standard Definition and High Definition resolutions


  • Understanding the Project, Source, Program, and Timeline/Sequence windows
  • Using transport controls and keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating and using Bins and Sequences

Basic Editing Techniques

  • Marking In/Out points in the Source window
  • Drag and Drop Program window editing
  • Using Overwrite and Insert edit
  • Two-track A/B roll editing
  • Timeline editing with the cursor
  • Using Shortcuts

Intermediate Editing Techniques

  • Understanding Three points edits
  • Using Ripple Edits
  • Roll Edits
  • Slip edits

Using effects

  • Creating titles and lower thirds
  • Adding Transitions
  • Simple color correction


  • Understanding audio levels
  • Modifying the Timeline window to display audio waveforms and keyframes
  • Creating fades using transitions and keyframes
  • Mixing Audio Tracks in the Timeline

Capturing footage

  • Understanding different video formats
  • Using the Capture window with tape
  • Log and Transfer with tapeless cameras
  • Understanding Offline and online clips
  • Using Batch capture
  • Setting up Scratch disks/folder
  • Using the Media Browser with non-tape media

Effects Controls

  • Understanding how Premiere Pro tracks clip location
  • Positioning clips using direct numeric entry
  • Using Basic Motion attributes to modify a clip
  • Resetting Motion parameters

Animating and Keyframes

  • Creating Keyframes in the Viewer window
  • Moving a clip using Center keyframes
  • Navigating in the Viewer window while creating and modifying Keyframes
  • Using Image+Wireframe mode to create Keyframes

Clip Playback Speed

  • Creating Slow Motion effects
  • Creating and using Still Frames

Trim-Monitor Window

  • Understanding the Trim Monitor window
  • Performing Ripple and Roll edits using the Trim Edit window
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the Trim Edit window


  • Exporting to a full-res intermediate
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder presets for devices, DVD, and Web formats
  • Understanding edit vs. playback formats