Adobe InDesign
Level 2: Advanced Production Techniques

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This course furthers your Adobe InDesign education. You will learn more advanced concepts used in page layout. Production shortcuts are discussed and exercises are used extensively to reinforce the skills learned.

Topics covered in this two-day class are:

Text and Layout

  • Utilizing Dynamic Spelling
  • Attaching Text to a Path
  • Creating Outlines from Text
  • Using Text As Frames
  • Discovering the Glyphs Palette
  • Working in the Story Editor
  • Defining and Utilizing Custom Text Variables
  • Employing Layout Adjustments
  • Creating Layers
  • Creating and Using Object Styles

Bulleted and Numbered Lists

  • Controlling List Numbering Across Sections
  • Creating Multi-leveled Lists
  • Incorporating Book Settings into Lists

Table Styles

  • Utilizing Paragraph Formatting in Table Styles
  • Creating Cell Styles
  • Pulling It All Together in the Table Style

Anchored Graphics and Nested Styles

  • Creating Inline and Custom Anchored Graphics
  • Embedding Nested Styles into Paragraph Styles
  • Looping Nested Styles

Long Documents

  • Defining a book
  • Adding Chapters
  • Changing Chapter Order
  • Checking Status
  • Controlling Style Source
  • Synchronizing Chapters
  • Numbering Pages
  • Exploring Page Numbering Options


  • Collecting Index Entries
  • Formatting the Index
  • Changing Levels
  • Indexing a range of pages
  • Using Proper names
  • Creating Cross Reference
  • Editing Entries and Markers
  • Building the Index

Table of Contents

  • Collecting Entries from Paragraph Styles
  • Formatting the Table of Contents