Adobe Photoshop

Level 2: Creative Techniques

At Digital Training & Designs we can provide you with the right solution to help you understand and Adobe Photoshop to create your own spectacular digital images. Whether you enroll in our public classes, or have us create private training for your entire staff, we will help you learn to create art in a productive and efficient manner. Check our schedule for class dates and prices for Adobe Photoshop training in Dallas, Texas or call us for private training at your site.

This intensive course focuses on non-destructive editing, creating special effects and composites of your images. It does not try to teach you every possible effect that can be created in Photoshop, but is designed to give you a solid foundation in how many effects are achieved, so that you can begin creating your own.

This course is not designed for beginners. It is assumed that you know the basic skills addressed in the intro course. An understanding of Levels, Layers and basic Layer Masking, Adjustment Layers, Channels, basic Sharpening and Color Correction techniques, Resolution, Navigating the Interface and using Panels, Basic Filters, Selection and Retouching Tools is needed.

When you finish the class you will be able to make non-permanent adjustments and alterations to images that always can be re-edited using non destructive techniques.

Topics covered in this two-day class are:

Camera RAW Processing

  • Rotating and Cropping Images
  • Adjusting Tones and Correcting Color
  • Utilizing the White Balance Tool
  • Exploring the Histogram and It's Previewing Options
  • Utilizing the Spot Removal Brush
  • Sharpening Images
  • Exploring Noise Reduction
  • Incorporating Batch Corrections

Adjustment Layers and Masking

  • Creating and Editing Masks
  • Making Masks from Channels
  • Using Various Adjustment Layers to Alter Images
  • Confining Adjustment Layer Effects to Specific Layers

Smart Objects

  • Exploring the Editability of Smart Objects
  • Utilizing Smart Filters
  • Nesting Smart Objects

Advanced Image Manipulation and Retouching

  • Blending Images Together
  • Applying Curves
  • Making Panoramic Images
  • Extracting Hair from Background
  • Utilizing Advanced Sharpening Techniques
  • Gradients and Vignettes
  • Replace Color and Tones
  • Advanced Compositing
  • Enhancing Detail, Depth and Drama
  • Rendering Perfect Skin
  • Exploring Auto Align


  • Distorting Images
  • Correcting Perspective
  • Reducing Noise
  • Improving Soft Images
  • Filtering Text